Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing at World Cafe @ Queen

News flash for all who are interested:

Yours truly has been invited to play at the World Cafe Live @ the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday, August 26 for their "Free At Noon" show from 12-1pm.  So if you want to know who Will Smyth really is, then come to the show and find out!  I could use your support & encouragement.

World Cafe Live is an extension of 88.5 FM WXPN, which is a very important non-profit public radio station connected to the University of Pennsylvania.  They have an afternoon broadcast called the World Cafe which is syndicated nationwide on public radio, hence the name. 

How did I get the gig?  It was pretty simple really.  I heard they had an open mic night on Tuesdays at 7, sign-ups at 6:30.  I showed up with my acoustic guitar last week and played 3 new songs.  Totally new - didn't rely on the old successes.  The woman who runs it dug my voice and called me the next day offering me the gig.  This was last week. 

Anyways I have very little clue how to promote a gig like this, other than to tell you that the World Cafe serves lunch - excellent lunch - and you come in for your lunch hour, enjoy the food, and hear me sing.  I checked out my man Kevin Sarkissian play last Friday.  I had a pizza and a cappuchino - both of which were excellent.  I have asked for a little help from my friends so we should have some interesting accompaniment for my music. 

I will be playing a selection of new compositions coupled with some very interesting covers.  With one hour, figure that there will be time for about 15 songs, maybe less.  I will prepare 15.  The first half will be just me alone, then I will bring up my friends to help for the second half. 

If you are reading this, please PLEASE consider coming.  If it goes well, then I can get the band in there ultimately, and then who knows what will happen?  I'll be a step closer to realizing my dream - to record and release a full album with my band.  And the best place in these parts to do a CD release party is at the Queen.  Bands like Mad Sweet Pangs and New Sweden have both done CD release parties there with much success. 

Thank you - thank you - thank you for your support!

Mahalo ;)=~